Leg rehabilitation on bed


Olivia Medical SPA disposes of a modern treatment base, carefully equipped with specialist devices, to offer professional treatment and rehabilitation. Types and parameters of the procedures are selected individually for each guest, which gives a guarantee to achieve long-lasting treatment effects.
Rehabilitation stays in Olivia Medical SPA are especially recommended for the persons with the following diseases:

  • Reumatological: degeneration diseases of joints and the spine
  • Neurological: sciatica and shoulder pains, dyscopathies, paralysis.
  • In post-trauma conditions of the movement organs:
  • After fractures
  • Twisting
  • ”Painful shoulder”
  • ”Tennis elbow”
  • Conditions after orthopedic procedures
  • Endoprothesis – plastics

In Olivia Medical SPA, first of all, classic procedures are used:

  • Kinezytherapy individual and group
  • Physical therapy: bioptron, ultrasounds, magnetic therapy, galvanization, ionoforesis, currents.
  • Balneology: brine baths, in the mud or sulphur suspension
  • Classic treatment massages, vibration, hydro-jet, underwater, relaxation

-Local cryotherapy

Optimum stay duration is defined for 7-14 days.